Taipei Baboons 17-41 CK OB

The Baboons A team suffered their first defeat of their inaugural Taiwan tour, going down 41-17 to a well drilled Jien Kuo OBs side at Bailing rugby fields on Saturday.

The result never looked in doubt. The Baboons were on the back foot from the start, conceding two tries near the flanks, but did enjoy some good spells of possession in the 1H with the South African connection of Gareth Hayes and Warwick Taylor both consistently making decent yards. This possession was rewarded with well taken tries by David Lee in the corner after an excellent skip pass by Ben Hall (he’s passing a lot more these days, now wants to be known as “the creator”) and Marc Evans who looked rather shocked when the ref awarded the try. No way that was a double movement eh Marc!
Movin on.

The Jien Kuo team always looked threatening, however, and punished the Baboons for a number of basic handling errors, exposing gaps in the defense and showing slick passing movements.
Movin on.

One highlight of the day came in the 2H with Edinburgh man Duncan Sherman’s brilliantly taken 50m try that included a Michael Flatley esq inside step to finish it off in the corner. Unlike the British & Irish Lions, the Baboons are now on the lookout for more Scottish rugby players of the same calibre as Duncan!
Unfortunately by the time our resident Scot went over for his solo try, the match was pretty much done and dusted.

Thank you to all our supporters for coming down on Saturday. Next match of the tour is on Sunday, December 7 vs New Taipei City at Tam Kang University, Damsui.

Date: 11/29, 2014; Place: Bai-Lin Rugby Field (Taipei City)
Ref: 黃福安 (Huang Fu-An)


More photos on (Photographer: Sheng-Kai Huang).