Chang Jung Christian University 17-29 Taipei Baboons

The Baboons completed their 6 match tour of Taiwan with a convincing 29-17 win over Chang Jung Christian University in Tainan on Saturday. The Baboons’ tries came from Waltz Vice.
The day didn’t start too well. The curse of Taichung struck with the A&B boys Gareth Hayes (hand) and Robert Stark (knee) both ruled out. Rumors circulated later on the bus of an alleged attack by a certain Phantom in the streets on TC Thurs night and this case is now under investigation. Skipping TC meant the tour bus could take in more delightful sights of Tainan, but despite the extra time, the bus still rocked up to the pitch 30 mins before kick off, in traditional Baboons style.
Chang Jung started promisingly with some aggressive running but the Baboons managed to contain the early pressure. It didn’t take long for them to stamp their authority on the match. Chang Jung were clearly finding it hard to deal with the physicality of the Baboons forward pack. Standouts were John Chillingworth with a Warburton esq performance at the breakdown and Kobus Theart who played like a man possessed on the flank. Both put in some thunderous tackles. In fact, it’s hard to single out individuals because this was a superb team effort, both offensively and defensively.
Much like previous matches, the relentless pressure from the forwards set up a perfect platform for the backs. Ben Hall was again instrumental at 10 though the retired Silverback was also selfishly underestimating his own pace at times leaving the whipper snappers for dead. Once again we saw good linkage with a new centre partnership of Garweth Smith and Will Stowers.
With Will in mind I want to give a specific mention to the contribution from the islanders who made up 6-7 of our A team and more than 1/3 of our touring party. During the 2H the Tuvaluans made up our back 3. Waltz played superbly with some long piercing runs. Our old friend Niuone Lei Eliutan would be proud of his brothers!

Man of the match for me was
Jan-Ras Van Der Linde . He was a constant threat in attack, creating all sorts of trouble for the opposition. I learned on the bus form that the SA ninja has a key secret to success – jelly beans before the match. So please take note. Also take note that this man is a black belt in judo. He has been removed from the list of targets for my Leakey lock.
Tackle of he day – Kobus Theart (picture attached).
We’ve now finished out Taiwan tour with 5 wins from 6 so well done to all the players, coaches and thank you to all our great supporters without whom we are nobody. Thank you to Mr. Huang for once again providing us with the best photos. i think you should be man of the tour. Thank you to Mr. Chen at Chang Jung for being such an awesome host.
This is starting to found like an Oscar acceptance speech.
We look forward to resuming the season in January. Enjoy the Christmas holiday. You earned it!

Taipei Baboons vs Chang Jung Christian University

Date: 12/13/2014; Place: Chang Jung Christian University Rugby Field, Tainan city (台南市長榮大學橄欖球場)
Ref: Best Wu

More photos on (Photographer: 黃聖凱 Sheng-Kai Huang).