Taiwan 10s : Day 2 as it happened

Congratulations to the Taipei Blacks Taiwan 10s 2015 champions ! The Taipei Baboons finish fourth of the Cup competition.

Taiwan 10s 2015

Kids Rugby – Taipei Angry Birds

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攝影(Photographer):黃聖凱/郭士維(Sheng-Kai Huang/Shih-Wei Kuo)

Cup competition:

Cup winner : 台北黑衫軍 Taipei Blacks

Taiwan 10s 2015

Cup QF 台北猴王 Taipei Baboons 33 – 0 新竹長城 Hsinchu Greatwall
Cup SF 台北猴王 Taipei Baboons 7 – 12 台北黑衫軍 Taipei Blacks
Cup 3rd/4th 桃園市 Taoyaun City 21 – 7 台北猴王 Taipei Baboons

Taiwan 10s 2015

Plate winner : 新北市 New Taipei City

Bowl winner : 台北台大夢幻隊 Taipei NTU Dreams

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Date: 6/7, 2015
Place: Taoyuan Stadium, Taoyuan City

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攝影(Photographer):黃聖凱/郭士維(Sheng-Kai Huang/Shih-Wei Kuo)

Cup Semi-finals 
3rd/4th Cup Final 桃園市 Taoyuan City VS 台北猴王 Taipei Baboons